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Upcoming Events
Art of Electronics & Textile Integration
ورشة الذراع الروبوتية
صناعة الأردوينو الخاص بك
Github Documentation
هيا نصنع الأثاث
الإلكترونيات مع ليتل بيتس
فن النجارة الرقمية
المبرمج الصغير
اصنع وسادة للهاتف
Internet of Things (IOT)
ورشة تصميم وصناعة الدوائر الإلكترونية المطبوعة
مخيم قرية المبتكرين الخضراء
مخيم الآلات التي تصنع الآلات (إعادة التدوير)
تصنيع حامل لاب توب
اصنع ختم مميز
November 2018 Art of Electronics & Textile Integration



تهدف الورشة بتعريف المشاركين بمهارة دمج التطريز الرقمي مع الالكترونيات لتشكيل لوحة فنيه.

حيث سيتمكن المشارك في نهاية الورشة من استخدام آلة الخياطة الرقمية مع الخيوط الموصلة للكهرباء وتشكيل لوحة فنية للحائط أو ما يسمى بالبرواز .


التعرف على:

  • ماهو التطريز الرقمي
  • ماهو التطريز التفاعلي
  •  كيفية التطريز الرقمي باستخدام آلة Janome Horizon
  • استخدام برنامج Digitizer لرسم التصميم المستخدم في اللوحة الفنية
  • استخدام الخيوط الموصلة للكهرباء و الالكترونيات في التصميم.


في نهاية الورشة سيكتسب المشارك:

  • مهارة التطريز الرقمي
  • تشكيل لوحة فنية رقمية إلكترونية.
Saturday 24 Open Event

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3d Printing
Laser cutting
wood workshop

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Burj Khalifa with a lower lighting As shown in the picture, the project is a miniature microprocessor made using the laser cutting machine and the Arduino.
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Android Paint Five female students from Al-Nuaimiya School in Ajman were trained in the programming of the Ebtikar robot to draw different geometric shapes. The students underwent a month-long training in which they learned the basics of programming the robot. An application route for smartphones where the application communicates with Android via Bluetooth.
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Boxes contain Lltlskvb The fund was created by a 3D printer and was designed to make a container for the telescope project for students Jawahar and Mashael Ashkanani. The project was part of a science competition. We are thinking of a telescope made using a cheap web camera.
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Stereogram for a skull of cork The design of this open-source skull is one example of the 123D Maker program and the laser cutting machine was used to cut two-dimensional parts in a way that can be assembled to form a three-dimensional shape.
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FabLab RoboBot V3.0 The third version of the robot has a fully enclosed external hood and LED lights. Six students from Sumaya Bent Khayat School from Masfout area in Ajman were trained by the students to program the robot to overcome the obstacles and represent the students at the Science Fair 2016. At the closing ceremony of the 18th session For the award.
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FabLab RoboBot V1.1 A robotics workshop was held with Al Khansaa Elementary School students during the Innovation Week. The Parallex robot structure was abandoned. The robot structure was rebuilt using acrylic and the laser cutting machine was used to cut the robot's structure.
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FabLab RoboBot V1.0 Robobot is a three-wheeled robot with a distance sensor where the robot skips obstacles. The Parallex robot has been modified. Parallex has been replaced with the Arduino and the robot is intended to become an educational robot to introduce students to basic robotics.
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Intelligent Radar Project The project is an intelligent radar will change the speed of tuning vehicles for the visibility of the road, where a group of students Nuaimiya school to take intensive workshops in the Fab Lab, the UAE learned through which two-dimensional and cutting design laser as well as programming Alordueno, a control unit used in the project, where the project depends on a range of different sensors such as dust sensor, rain sensor and humidity sensor to measure the vision of the road for earners for drivers depending on the radar sensor data by changing the speed setting to force drivers to slow down during bad weather or situations of Vision executions.
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Smart Automation Power Saving This project won the first place in the science competition. We think about the school category in 2015 and qualified for the Intel competition for the Arab world. A new external structure was built in Fab Lab UAE using the laser cutting machine. The project is a smart house to save energy using different sensors and a dedicated control system.
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An open-source dinosaur This dinosaur was made using a laser cutting machine, an open-source design from FlatLab designed to showcase the capabilities of the laser cutting machine in the laboratory and to train on the collection of 3D shapes.
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The Geneva wheel The Geneva wheel is a wheel that transforms the full circular motion to the intermittent movements and the Geneva wheel in the image, which was designed and simulated using SolidWorks. It is manufactured using the 3D printer and the laser cutting machine. The cube rotates 90 degrees at a time.
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Automated spider Automated Spider is an open source project that was manufactured, assembled and programmed in Fab Lab UAE to learn the basics of robotics with legs in terms of design, assembly and programming.
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Souvenir of martyrs The students were helped to print a mock-up of the Minkraft game to participate in the Kuwait Innovation Contest, a competition in the GCC. The students designed a souvenir for UAE martyrs and the stereotype was made using the 3D printer. The printing process took about 9 hours.
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E-Future City A team of three students from the Institute of Applied Technology was sponsored to carry out a project that provides electricity to participate in a science competition. The idea of remote control is to operate the electric water heater by the water and electricity department. The water heaters will be put off at least two hours a day. Electricity consumption The students conducted a survey on the extent to which consumers use water heaters and found that 60% of them do not completely extinguish the heater. The students designed the outer cover of the project using a laser cutting machine and programmed the project using the Ardino.
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A sign of happiness In line with the UAE's directives and the initiative of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to measure the public satisfaction and satisfaction with government services, Fabal Lab UAE's happiness index was designed and manufactured. The project structure was manufactured using a laser cutting machine and then used as a control unit for the project. Measuring the audience's satisfaction with the services of the lab, as well as limiting the number of visitors to the lab at the same time.
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Chess made using laser cutting machine This chess is designed in Fab Lab UAE and its parts were cut using the laser cutting machine in a way that can be assembled to form 3D shapes.
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Automatic Hand The automatic hand parts were manufactured using the laser cutting machine and the full rotary servo motors were used and the Ardino was used to control automatic hand movement. This model was dismantled for the second version, where higher capacity engines will be used and feedback control will be added.
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A sculpture of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is made with a three dimensional pen The whole stereogram was made using the 3Dodler pen and it took about two weeks to make it.
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Digital Drilling Machine A digital drilling machine was manufactured in cooperation with a member of the Fab Lab, where the various parts of the machine were designed and used using the laser cutting machine and the project is in the process of being developed and developed.
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